The Environment

With COVID-19 becoming increasingly prevalent across the world, we want to assure you that the well being of our guests and employees is, as always, our primary concern. We are adhering to all advice provided by the W.H.O and local authorities and will continue to do so, following developments daily. As ever, we and all of our employees, maintain the highest possible hygiene standards. All members of our team have been made aware that they must self-isolate if they experience any symptons or come into contact with anyone affected.
Please rest assured that the hotel remains a safe environment to visit.

An environmentally friendly hotel

Adrian, Angela and Stephen are committed to being considerate hoteliers, not only towards their guests and staff, but towards the environment as well. They have published an environmental impact statement, detailing their current policies and aspirations for the future:

Since 1st July 2007, delivery of any food items packed in polystyrene or plastic boxes is not acceptable. Only wood, paper, cardboard or other recyclable packaging is accepted. 

Glass, paper, cardboard and metals are recycled, and kitchen vegetable matter is composted.

Products imported by aeroplane are avoided where practicable; foods are locally sourced wherever possible. 

Low energy light bulbs and other energy-saving devices are used where appropriate (much to Mr Burt’s dismay!)

All guest bedrooms have thermostatically controlled radiators and there is modern loft insulation throughout. 

In April 2006 a biomass boiler was installed. This state-of-the-art 100kw boiler replaced an antique oil-fired boiler, and burns carbon-neutral woodchip. This environmentally friendly fuel provides all of the hotel’s hot water and heating needs.

In June 2007 planning consent was given to erect a 15kw wind turbine. Sited within the hotel grounds, but invisible from the hotel itself, a turbine would make a substantial contribution to the hotel’s electricity needs. The base load requirement for fridges, freezers and lighting would easily be met, and excess power put back into the grid.